What our parents say about us

"Elizabeth thrived in the family atmosphere at Handel House. She embraced the many activities and opportunities available, and there was something to look forward to every day. Her strengths were encouraged and her weaknesses supported, and she went on to secondary school well prepared for the new challenges ahead".
"An excellent learning environment where the classes are small enough for children to have a lot of individual attention.  All of the staff know all of the children and this enhances the feeling of a family atmosphere and that the children are being taken care of. My daughter loves coming to school and often skips through the school gates anticipating another inspiring day". 
"I rate this school so much, both of my children have been here and it definitely brought my children on! Staff are lovely and what they learn from a young age is just fab!"

School Admissions

School AdmissionsThank you for your interest in education at Handel House School.

Excellent academic standards are achieved with the help of qualified and experienced members of staff, giving guidance to the individual needs of each child within the security of a well-established family atmosphere. We have a passion for education, and work to support the school’s traditional values, whilst looking forward to adding new features and modernising for an exciting future. The best way to find out about the life of the school is to pay us a visit and see us at work. You are assured of a friendly welcome.

School AdmissionsHandel House school is non-selective and we accept children of all abilities. Parents complete a registration form and pay a fee of £125 (£75 will be deducted from the final term’s fees).

Children’s records are sent for from the previous school and assessed by the Headteacher. Any issues requiring further clarification will be discussed at this point.

An offer of a place will be made and a starting date negotiated. Once the child starts, there is a probationary period of one term. Children who behave badly or cause disruption to others will be asked to leave. Policies relating to the safety, welfare and discipline of children are available from the school office and in our policies section.

School Fees


The usual admission procedure for a child to this school is:

An enquiry for a prospectus. All details are kept on file in the office.

A visit to the school by parents (with or without the child).

The child spends a day in school during which time the class teacher will:

Hear the child read and assess the level in comparison with the class.

Give some basic mathematics.

Give a piece of free writing to assess grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Assess behaviour and interaction with others.

Open Days

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