School CurriculumHandel House School operates the National Curriculum. Through specified programmes of study for all subjects, pupils will be working towards the national attainment targets. The core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science are studied in great depth. The 2017 SATS performance was largely above average.


The processes of acquiring scientific knowledge, observing, recording, generalising, choosing apparatus, designing an experiment to meet a need and conducting a fair test, will be taught through the knowledge areas specified in the attainment targets.


School CurriculumReading: It is our aim that children should read fluently with understanding, in order to develop the ability to find information for themselves and read for enjoyment. Younger pupils follow ‘The Oxford Reading Tree’ scheme backed by a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts until they progress to free reading.

Writing: To enable pupils to express themselves well through their written work, grammar and spelling are taught at an appropriate level. The ultimate aim for each pupil is to achieve fluent and expressive creativity.

Speaking and Listening: We aim to help each child to develop the ability to speak fluently and listen attentively in a variety of situations. Both are essential parts of the global learning process and need to be mastered early in their educational life. Poetry and drama form an integral part of this learning.

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar: A sound understanding of these key components enables children to become better writers, readers and all-round communicators.


A structured scheme in mathematics is followed throughout the school to ensure that our pupils gain a thorough understanding of the basic mathematical processes essential to all further work in this field. Calculators and computer software programmes are also included. Differentiation is integral in the scheme enabling pupils to work individually and progress at their own pace. This method of working helps to develop self-discipline and confidence and the more able pupils attain an extremely high standard by the end of Key Stage 2.


School CurriculumThis subject area underpins all other areas of study in the school. Pupils have Computing as part of their timetable in addition to utilising our facility for other curriculum areas.

We place a special emphasis on Computing in accordance with the National Curriculum, including the learning of Coding & Programming. We also ensure that each child is able to have access to their own computer during lesson time.


In music we aim to develop in each pupil an enjoyment in a wide range of music, both as a listener and a performer. Concerts are arranged at Christmas and at the end of the Summer term. In recent years, the school has also become a regular participant in national choir programme 'Young Voices', much to the delight of staff, parents and pupils.

Art, Craft and Design Technology

Art and Craft is taught by an outstanding specialist. Pupils widen their aesthetic experience and acquire skills and techniques with a personal sense of achievement in various art forms.


In addition to the above subjects pupils study History, Geography, Religious Education, Personal Social and Health Education, French, German and Physical Education.

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