Infant School GainsboroughYears 1 and 2, this area caters for children aged 5-7 years and in National Curriculum terms is known as Key Stage 1. Mrs. Linda Knights is the key person in this area and has been with the school for over 25 years.

She was responsible initially for setting up the nursery provision in the school and has maintained a high level of input into this area in addition to keeping abreast of modern educational trends, initiatives and developments.

Our aim is to provide a widely based, liberal education that will establish sound learning principles, inspire confidence, develop personality and encourage wide interests.

Infant School GainsboroughThe main emphasis is on Numeracy and Literacy, but Music, Religious Education, Art and Craft, Science, History, Geography and Computing are also taught. French is introduced at this stage.

This is the foundation for children to work together and learn to co-operate with each other in a friendly and civilised manner. Our principle is to incorporate clear aims for our work and regular monitoring to evaluate and improve what we do.

About Handel House


Our principles incorporate:

The partnership between teachers and parents, so that our pupils feel secure at school and develop a sense of well-being and achievement.

The understanding that teachers have knowledge of how children develop and learn, and how this informs their teaching.

The provision for pupils to take part in activities that build upon and extend their interests and develop their intellectual, physical, social and emotional abilities.

The encouragement for pupils to communicate and talk about their learning, and to develop independence and self-management.